Curing Wrap-Rage

Wrap-rage is real, and it’s spectacular. From causing consumers unspeakable frustration, to real bodily harm, hard-to-open plastic packaging has caused issues since its conception.

Consumers have had to battle with packaging for years and the current solutions come with their own set of problems. This includes the mixed-material paper & cardboard packaging, which, though easier to open, is much harder to recycle, and even Amazon’s frustration free packaging is typically not as protective as PET plastic packaging, as it relies on cardboard packs.

Eazy-Open is the cure for wrap-rage. With an ingeniously simple design innovation, Eazy-Open solves the problem of hard-to-open packaging, whilst maintaining all the benefits of recyclable plastic packaging.

We can make wrap-rage a thing of the past. Join us in gaining back consumers’ trust and preference - and saving a few fingers along the way.

Wrap-Rage Hall of Fame