Our Innovation

Although clamshell/blister packaging has many desirable properties, such as the ease of recycling and excellent safe-guarding of products, it is well-known that consumers struggles to open them, particularly, welded clam packs.

This is to the extent that the term wrap rage has entered in the language whilst Amazon actively certifies packaging that is frustration-free. The solutions that have been developed only partially ease the opening of the package and they all reduce the safeguarding that the packaging provides, while being worse for the environment (such as mixed-material packaging.

The problem is how to have easy-to-open packaging that is still robust, protective, cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

Clamshell CAM.png

The key idea is a very simple innovation but, like most simple innovations, only obvious afterwards.

Clamshell/blister packs are hard to open because the consumer has to cut through two layers of tough plastic. Equally, where to cut is not obvious nor, often, are the packaging contents arranged for opening.

After a lot of brainstorming, the idea of an abutted groove seemed to solve all the problems. Firstly, only one thinned layer of plastic is cut, secondly, it provided a clear and secure path for the consumer to open the packaging with a very stable grip.

Have a look at the Eazy-Open demo to find out more. Also, click to see the animation and the innovative blister blaster in action!